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Cahall's Deli is #850Strong



Posted on: 2019/05/01

We see chicken salad, muffuletta sandwhiches and banana pudding in your near future...


No matter how long you’ve been living in Panama City, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Cahall’s. Cahall’s Deli has been serving Bay County since 1984. Owner Christ Cordon takes pride in every detail of his business and would be seen daily working in the store, or delivering caterings personally.

On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael put a halt to many favorite eateries around the community. The storm completely devastated the deli’s building. It wasn’t until October 18, that Cahall’s was able to make the announcement on their Facebook page about their location receiving immense damage.

“We have sustained immense damage from Hurricane Michael! We will rebuild and be better than ever! Please follow this page as we will possibly be opening up a temporary location. Thank you Bay County for supporting us all these years. God Bless all those affected by this Hurricane! #850strong #cahallsdeli.”

The post was flooded with an outpour of support from the community with many emotional responses for their beloved restaurant. Many commented how excited they were for Cahall’s to eventually reopen and sharing stories about their visits to the establishment. Cahall’s has been such a huge part of so many people's lives. Whether it be picking up a pint of their famous chicken salad on the way home, stopping in for a business lunch, catering a wedding or providing all the staples to a holiday meal. 

On December 11, 2018, Cahall’s announced they would be able to stay in their same location, having to rebuild everything from scratch. Owner, Christ Cordon brought his same dedicated kitchen staff (which he continued to pay for several months after the storm, even though they were closed) back and gave them the reins to redesign the kitchen.

So much progress has been made since that last post, with the business sharing the progress photos on their Facebook page.The Cahall’s crew has been working day in and day out to get back up and running. They hope to be back open in the next several weeks serving up everyone’s favorite deli items.

Make sure you visit Cahall's website and follow their Facebook Page for more updates!



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