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Happy 1,000,000 Passengers ECP!



Posted on: 2018/12/11

The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) here in Panama City, Florida has reached a HUGE milestone today! For the first time since it's opening in 2010, our local airport is celebrating one million passengers over the course of a calendar year. 

In honor of this great achievement, the lucky individuals on board Delta Flight 2506 who helped set this record were delightfully greeted at their gate with balloons and cupcakes in celebration and appreciation of their travels to the 850! Not only that, but fire trucks gave their plane a water salute upon landing, and they received a large round of applause as they each passed through the airport's lobby. 

We are thrilled by what this milestone represents for our community, and thrilled to keep the momentum going! Thank you to everyone who has chosen to fly though ECP! 





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