Seeing Red Wine Festival

What was once a small event dreamed up to act as a catalyst to build community in the quiet holiday town of Seaside, Florida, has now grown into a nationally recognized wine event. In the early days of Seaside, Florida, when there were only a few houses along 30A, the town’s merchants came together to brainstorm an event. One to bring in potential homeowners and customers to our small, quiet town – a wine event! Bud & Alley’s co-founder Scott Witcoski came up with the name for the event. He crafted a large, predominantly red poster for the first year. The name ‘Seeing Red’ struck him as a perfect fit for this image. In the first year, while the event felt grassroots it was a success! Now in its 30th year, the Seeing Red Wine Festival® has grown and brought many visitors to Seaside for the first time and has become a tradition for many.


Nov 09 - 12 2023


All Day

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