Bar Hopping Paradise: Discovering the Best Bars in the 850 Area Code!

Here is our guide to the ultimate bar crawl around the 850. From Tallahassee to Pensacola, we’ve curated what we think is the perfect list of must-try bars around the area. Each of the 12 bars offer a unique experience. All of these bars are worth a shot. Grab your friends and grab a glass. Cheers!

Mosey’s Downtown

Historic Downtown Panama City

Mosey’s Downtown is a true, authentic Panama City experience. The biker-inspired bar offers pizza, a full bar, plenty of beer, and live music. The atmosphere is unmatched, and is something we encourage you to experience for yourself. Whether you’re going for an event or just a casual night out, Mosey’s will not disappoint. 

The Craft Beer Emporium

Historic Downtown Panama City

The Craft Beer Empourium, or as many locals know it as, the Corner Pocket, is a staple in Downtown Panama City. If you’re looking for somewhere to shoot pool and hang out with friends then you’ve found the right place. With 11 pool tables and 200+ different craft brews and wines, it’s a guaranteed good time. Every single week you can count on new brews being available. 


Panama City

What’s better than a bar with great drinks? A bar with great drinks AND great charcuterie boards! Burgunbarrel provides customers with the perfect combination of beverages and food. The cozy and classy atmosphere is something that cannot be beat. Their selection of summer wine spritzers are a must-try. If you’re looking for a drink that tastes like summer in a cup then we recommend trying the Strawberry Girl. When it comes to the charcuterie, you simply cannot go wrong.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge 

Panama City Beach

If you’re in need of a night full of dancing, good music, and fun then you have to check out Tootsie’s in Pier Park. The bar blends locals and tourists creating the perfect environment to mingle and meet new people. The Nashville-inspired honky tonk embraces its country roots. The food selection will knock your boots off. Meet us on the dance floor!

No Name Bar and Lounge

Panama City

No Name is a local gem. The family-owned business has served the area since 1980. Their newly renovated deck makes it the perfect spot to catch the sunset over the bay. Throughout the week you can find an array of local musicians. The laid-back and warm atmosphere makes visiting this bar a no-brainer.

Ms. Newby’s

Panama City Beach

Ms. Newby’s fosters a lively and exciting scene. It is a staple in Panama City Beach. This place is perfect for those who want to bust a move and get a little rowdy. It wouldn’t be a night at Ms. Newby’s if you didn’t opt for the Hunch Punch.

Shades Bar and Grill


Shades is a classic spot that’s a go-to for many. They offer the largest draft beer selection in Northwest Florida. It’s a great place to go if you’re trying to catch a game. Chances are everyone else there will be trying to watch the same game! There truly is something for everyone on the menu. When you visit, be on the lookout for your college flag!

The Red Bar


The Red Bar offers a unique experience. It embodies the concept of “Southern charm.” As the name suggests, red lights can be found throughout the building creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The menu is what we describe as short and sweet. Although they only offer 4-5 entrees a night, each one is carefully curated. The live music is always entertaining. 



A bar overlooking the water? What more can you ask for? And when we say overlooking, we mean it, considering the bar is placed right on a dock. The atmosphere at AJ’s is unmatched. The live music is always top-notch. Not only are the drinks delicious, but so is the food. Pair your beverage with the raw oysters for a true Floridian experience. 

Seville Quarter


They’re not kidding when they say Seville Quarter is “where Pensacola goes to party.” If you’re looking for a good time and a unique experience then we have the place for you. With seven different rooms, Seville Quarter has something for everyone. Guests can dance, drink, play pool and even eat. A local’s go-to since 1967, it’s something you just have to experience for yourself!

Liberty Bar


The cocktail list is what sets Liberty Bar apart from the rest. Each cocktail is carefully curated, and the list is switched out seasonally. This just means you have to go back regularly so you don’t miss any! Right now our favorites on the menu are the Summer in Greece and Red Wedding. Liberty Bar understands the importance of ambiance and creates the perfect atmosphere for guests. 

Bar 1903


Bar 1903 fosters an intimate experience for its guests. With a maximum capacity of 36, guests can expect an experience tailored to them. The capacity is honored due to the historic building status of the establishment. It is a beautiful building with delicious drinks. The extensive cocktail list ensures there is something there for everyone.