You’ll Melt for These Top 850 Ice Cream Picks

In the 850, ice cream is never too far away. Whether you’re on the beach, in the water, or walking on land, ice cream is always nearby. With such a large selection to choose from, here are just a few of our favorite locally-owned, unique ice cream experiences throughout the Panhandle.


Panama City Beach


Mr. Puff’s Hand Rolled Ice Cream


Have you ever heard of hand rolled ice cream? While most ice cream is scooped from big frozen buckets, hand rolled ice cream is created quite differently. Instead, the liquid ice cream base is poured onto a frozen pan and then mixed, chopped, spread, and rolled right in front of you. Not only do you get to enjoy the sweet taste of ice cream, but also the satisfaction of watching these workers create the masterpiece. An interesting aspect of Mr. Puffs that we enjoy is their sticky note wall. While you’re waiting in line or enjoying your ice cream, write a note, leave it on the wall, or simply enjoy the messages left by others. Mr. Puff’s has been recognized across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor as a 4.5 star business. If you’re looking to stop by Mr. Puff’s during the summer, expect a line, a bowl of art, and a few giggles from the wall of sticky notes.



Chuy’s Gourmet Pops and More


When it comes to popsicles, no ones doing it like Chuy’s. They have over 35 popsicles to choose from which vary as either fruit based pops or milk-based pops. There are so many unique flavors from the strawberry cheesecake or spicy mango chili to the classics such as Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Lemonade, or Pineapple Coconut. The best part is, you can trust that every popsicle uses fresh fruits and ice creams. Chuy’s pops can be found at Gulf Crest Tiki Bar, Red Fish Taco, and Dogs & Drinks. Visit their Instagram and Facebook to see where they will be next!




Sweet Cone Alabama


What’s great about ice cream is it’s so instagramable. The owners of Sweet Cone Alabama seemed to have dove deep into the idea by building a shop with an aesthetic seemingly ideal for an Instagram influencer. The shop features two photo booths and a sprinkle pool full of packing-peanut sized sprinkles. The shop owner, Bush, mentioned that on occasion they even have customers who commit to full photoshoots with outfit changes. Other than capturing the perfect scene for Instagram, Sweet Cone Alabama’s ice cream and treats are as tasty as their name. They offer 32 flavors of ice cream, an assortment of different fudges, chocolate covered pretzels and more. With 4.5 stars from multiple online sources, Sweet Cone Alabama should be on your list of things to try. If Pensacola is too far for you, check out their other location in Panama City Beach, Florida!




Honeybee Ice Cream & Arcade


Did you say arcade and ice cream? Owner Duke Higgs wanted to bring some excitement to Niceville with Honeybee Ice Cream & Arcade and many locals have voiced their love of the place as it now stands with a 4.6 star review on many online sources. Honeybee Ice Cream has a vast menu including 32 flavors of ice cream, 24 flavors of snow cones, 17 flavors of ice cream rolls, and even an assortment of boba teas to choose from. By combining an ice cream, snow cone, ice cream roll, and boba tea place in one, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. The long list of variety doesn’t end there. Their arcade features more than 40 games for all ages. Many enjoy the nostalgia of their classic pinball and old-school arcade games available like Galaga, Moon Patrol and Asteroids. Honey Bee Ice Cream & Arcade is a great stop for the whole family to enjoy a sweet treat with a little fun. We recommend you stop by on the weekends to see their mascot, the Honey Bee!


St. George Island


Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream


Good ice cream, good price, cute place, and good vibes. Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream has been serving the island since 1993. If you’re looking for a cute mom & pop ice cream shop, Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream is perfect for you. The environment is cute and quaint, they serve great tasting ice cream, and their prices are the best in the panhandle for ice cream. They have some of the best reviews in the area at 4.8 and some online sources claiming 5 stars. When visiting Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream you’re guaranteed to feel satisfied and leave with a smile across your face.


Destin & Fort Walton Beach


Gulf Stream Ice Cream


Even at the beach or in the water, you can’t escape ice cream. On the beaches of Destin or Ft. Walton, when you hear the ice cream song creeping closer and closer to you on the beach, it’s okay, you’re not crazy. If you follow the noise, it won’t lead you to an ice cream truck, but an ice cream boat on the beach with wheels! The boat is towed by a worker miles down the beach and miles back, and even in the hot sun, they will greet you with a smile. The boat has an assortment of packaged popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream cones for a fair price. Before walking away from the boat don’t forget to snap a picture. When it comes to unique ice cream experiences, Gulf Stream Ice Cream has one for you.

Did we leave out your top pick for ice cream in the 850? Leave us a comment and tell us where we need to try next!